Blind Tasting had a return season at 505 this year. In fact rather than a return season it is more a return to the home of the show. Having had its first performance at the Old 505 it has gone on to festivals, wineries and a few other theatres including the Ensemble Theatre. I understand Edinburgh is next on the list.

This is a beautifully written play. Paul Gilchrist’s words flow together with a poetic fluidity that is a joy to hear. Weaving wine phrases and characteristics into the dialogue there are similes, metaphors and parables, sometimes subtle, sometimes in your face laugh-out loud. But this is not all comedy or light heartedness, there are some tender and emotionally driven moments as well. Sylvia Keays comfortably engages the audience and expertly weaves the story around us in this first-person narrative about love, life and wine.

A night of listening to talk about wine and wine tasting could only be made better if they added a wine tasting to the show… but wait, they do. Yep. included in your ticket price are two generous serves of some of Canberra’s Shaw Wines. These tastings are nestled into the show and certainly make the $30 ticket price a damn good deal.

Lynden Jones – Theatre Now & Talking Arts


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