Seated around a monopoly board, a group of millennials begin to discuss the Sydney property scene, their own finances, relationships and the inequality of wealth. With a new player at the table the status quo is unbalanced and soon emotions are on edge, competitive natures aroused and a bet is made. Now the game gets interesting.

Hot Room Theatre Group’s, Monopoly is  an entertaining evening. It is quite demanding for an actor to have their focus split, in this case the performance and a ‘live’ game of monopoly. Many anecdotes exist of performers getting caught up in a game of cards and losing their place in the production subsequently losing their lines. Overall the cast have met this challenge. There are moments when the lines are not completely settled or the action on the board doesn’t quite match the lines but these moments are rare and I expect they have found their place after a few performances.

The cast are uniformly good. Diego AR Melo gave lovely energy and comic timing that propelled the play and Jasper Garner Gore‘s protagonist was enjoyable, generating the central core of the drama. Benjamin Kuryo, Alison Lee Rubie & Emilia Stubbs Grigoriou made up the rest of this tight ensemble. Steven Hopley wrote and directed this entertaining play.

Topical and entertaining, this is an original idea that made for an entertaining evening. It will be performed in a series of venues around Sydney. Petersham Bowling Club and Horizon Theatre have finished their run, Artarmon Library and Blood Moon Theatre are still to come so you only have a few performances to go. Drop in for a fun night.

Lynden Jones – Theatre Now and On The Town


Steven Hopley

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2 – 21 October 2017

October 12 & 13, 8pm @ Petersham Bowling Club
October 14 & 15, 2pm @ Horizon Theatre
October 19, 8pm @ Artarmon Library
October 21 & 21, 8pm @ Blood Moon Theatre


Venue: See Left for multiple venues
Theatre Company: Hot Room Theatre Group