Martin Ashley Jones’ Is It Time deals with the controversial topic of assisted suicide. There is so much in this play to like and it is such an interesting topic to pursue. Ashley Jones’s script tackles these issues head on and has a great construct – a love story, a tragedy and a strong political message. With a little more development this script will achieve it goals. Right now it is a little too heavy on its agenda. In the opening five minutes we have had characters tell us the problems with the medical system, the political system and a couple of other topical issues.

Is It Time 04Overall performances were a bit uneven. Sylvia White as the wife dealing with a shorter and unpleasant future warms into the role and by the end she evokes a wonderful empathy from the audience. Ross Scott also has a lovely warmth and gives a strength to the play’s underlying message. David Luke, Sarah Plummer, Lauren J. Jones & Denise Kitching all bring lovely moments to the production.

Where the play needs work is in building a stronger counter argument. The play starts with a clear political message and continues to drive it thoughout the entire play.

Is It Time 06The set was divided into three three sections, lounge room, garden and doctor’s office but at times the areas blurred. For some reason the doctors office was on a raised rostra which nicely broke the flat space of the stage but the continual creaking the floor and the delay in scene changes for the actors to walk up the front stairs in half light outweighed the benefits.

Overall there is good work here and a lot of potential.

Lynden Jones – Theatre Now