We start with the full cast lying on stage surrounded with the objects they will use in the performance. After a few moments silence each member stands and starts to prepare. Interchanging clothing, setting objects and chatting to each other. The preparation of a team about to trust each other in very dangerous and intricate manoeuvres.

What follows is about 80 minutes of a carefully rehearsed and beautifully structured, controlled acrobatic dance by Gravity & Other Myths. Summersaults, rolls, jumps and contortions are executed as solo moments or in combinations. Each member of the ensemble weaving around and forming different combinations or stepping in to support another as they execute each dazzling feat. At times illustrating the name of their company.

What flows through this performance is unity and discipline. In one instance a dancer is lifted into the air and her body manipulated into different positions as she is carried around the stage.  Holding us with her eyes and never breaking that stare no matter how her body is manipulated and twisted. Another raised high into the air as she lies across the tips of vertical poles. Acrobats stand on shoulders three high and jump into waiting arms, others are used as skipping rope or thrown around like rag dolls into the arms of their fellow performers. A contortion ballet is performed under rocks suspended in a net, held aloft and slowly being lowerd by the fellow performers.

Lighting is used to great effect in this production. Sometimes the stage is lit with a flat whit wash and others beautiful shapes and patters are formed with sheets of light. At other times it us refracted or reflected with the clever placement of mirrors. Music is an integral part of this performance as well with two musicians providing a haunting sonic background to the perfoamance.

Director Darcy Grant and the company have created a visceral energy that relies as much on the performers physical skills and prowess as their trust in each other. In fact the entertainment here is not only the enjoyment of acrobatic skills and slick visual moments it is also in the shared awareness that this team have placed their trust in each other. Such is their commitment and solidarity, we never doubt their ability to execute safely.

Just as each vertebrate combine to form a strong backbone, each member of this ensemble combine to form a powerful and entertaining night of physical talent, unity and strength.

Lynden Jones – Theatre Now & On The Town


A raw, visceral performance from the award-winning acrobatic troupe

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16 – 21 Jan 2018

16, 17 & 19 JANUARY AT 7.30PM


Venue: Riverside Theatres
Riverside Theatre

Theatre Company: Gravity & Other Myths

Duration: 80 Min

A raw, high-octane exploration of the limits of human strength from the acclaimed acrobatic troupe. Circus company Gravity & Other Myths take a sinewy ride to the edges of physical, cerebral and collective brawn in this visceral performance of physical discipline and virtuosity, directed by Darcy Grant with set and lighting design by Geoff Cobham.

Nominated for three Helpmann Awards (Best Lighting Design, Best Choreography, Best New Australian Work).

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Martin Schreiber, Lachlan Binns, Jascha Boyce, Jacob Randell, Lewie West, Lewis Rankin, Joanne Curry, Mieke Lizotte, Lachlan Harper & Jackson Manson Acrobats
Elliot Zoerner & Shenton Gregory Musician/ Composers
Darcy Grant Director
Geoff Cobham Stage & Lighting Designer
Craig Harrison Producer
Triton Tunis-Mitchell Creative Associate

Aust Govt Major Festivals Initiative: This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative in association with the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals Inc., Adelaide Festival, Sydney Festival and Melbourne Festival.

This performance contains haze and laser.

Book your ticket for Thursday 18 January at 6pm to take part in a Sydney Morning Herald Q&A With the Artists after the performance, and get a deeper insight into the work.

Photo: Kate Pardey

Ticket Prices
Premium $56
A Reserve $46/$41
B Reserve $36
+ booking fee