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Theatre Now Perth Review: Butt Kapinski

Performed by Deanna Fleysher, Private Eye Butt Kapinski returns to Fringe World Festival and invites you to co-star in a choose-your-own-adventure murder mystery as Kapniski and the audience, together, create a “film noir”. Part-comedy, part social experiment, the work is an amalgamation of of clown, bouffon, improv comedy and immersive/interactive theatre at its best.

Enter downstairs at The Blue Room where the space is simply set with chairs in the round, and the only lighting provided is that of Kapanski’s street lamp…emerging from the detective’s jacket. We soon learn as with every film noir there has been a murder! And who but only Kapinski can solve the case. The audience play their roles, providing sound effects, music, characters, and foils, allowing Fleysher to create a world that is hilariously and cleverly weaved together.

Fleysher has been performing Butt Kapinski for almost 10 years, yet the performance is fresh, dynamic, and highly entertaining, as if she had only just conceived this enigmatic and comedic character that bursts onto the stage. She maintains the audience’s intrigue and attention throughout, and delights in the uncomfortableness of the few.

This show is bold, clever and very funny. No matter where you stand on immersive theatre, this show is for you. Rest assured you will be in safe hands! Go!

Butt Kapinski plays at The Blue Room Theatre until Saturday 17th February. Tickets can be purchased at http://blueroom.org.au/events/sn18-butt-kapinski-2/

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