The function of the reviewer is to critique the show, entice the reader and attempt to explain the intention of the artist. However even the slightest reveal of a recent pop up event titled Séance (in the Rocks) would not have served it well while still showing. For to have shared too much would have lessened the impact. What can be said is that it’s 20 minutes of immersive theatre in pitch black darkness.

Séance is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival sell-out sensation by Realscape Productions – a young independent company with a vision to nurture Australia’s performing arts industry through innovation. They specialise in presenting unforgettable theatrical experiences that captivate and inspire even the sixth sense. The content of this installation theatre is presented in association with Darkfield, described as a series of irrational spaces that are at odds with their physical appearance.

A white shipping container sits ostentatiously near the overseas terminal at Circular Quay West attracting a gathering of some two dozen souls to a meeting point out of the blazing sun. After the usual controls in order to enhance the absence of light and sound within the complete darkness the participants enter and acclimatise. Classic old style tatty red cinema seats are taken, headsets are donned and hands placed upon a long narrow table running the length of the container.

What you do next is up to you…..though you are asked to sit but don’t get comfy. As this highly stimulating show gathers speed you will find yourself wondering who else or what more is in the room……or maybe it’s just all in your mind. This isn’t horror nor cheap thrills but it does make you question your rationality. Although 20 minutes may seem a short while this is all you need to be fully enveloped in this remarkable inner and outer environment.

A must “see” as it travels on to Adelaide and Perth.

Please note that this event is not recommended for those who are claustrophobic, pregnant, have a heart or back problem or under the age of 14.

Mark G Nagle – Theatre Now & On The Town