National Theatre of Parramatta presents Flight Paths

PRESS RELEASE: National Theatre of Parramatta will present the world premiere of, Flight Paths, by award-winning playwright Julian Larnach and directed by Anthea Williams (this year’s winner of Best Director at the Sydney Theatre Awards for the Belvoir production HIR).

Flight Paths is a passionate coming-of-age story exploring privilege, families, mobility, Australia’s place in the world and the consequences of charity. Julian said, “When I first began writing Flight Paths, I set about putting worlds on stage that I hadn’t been seeing, populating them with young characters that I hadn’t been hearing in order to prompt discussions about the world that we haven’t been having.”

The production is set over a week in the world’s most prestigious university and the world’s largest slum. It’s brought to life by a stellar cast including Ebony Vagulans, Airlie Dodds, Monica Kumar, Richie Morris and Brandon McClelland.

The show is taking place from 15th to 24th March at Riverside Theatres.

Photo Credit: Robert Catto


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