Christmas is coming soon and the Kransky Sisters will be out and about this jolly season. They bring joy! They bring cheer! They bring tales of the first Spam of the season and the delight of a painted choko. It’s certainly going to be an evening you won’t forget. From Daft Punk to the 12 Days of Christmas, there is something for everyone.

We take a moment to sit down with the sisters and see what Christmas means to them.

Ladies, Christmas is such a fun time! Tell us about Esk. What makes Christmas so special there?
We like Christmas because it’s a time for traditions and we like to celebrate with our very own special rituals.  We have been in Esk since childhood so our rituals go back a long way. Because we no longer expect to receive gifts, Christmas for us is a time for appreciating what we have – our treasured items, and remembering our loved ones. For this ritual, we bring out the portraits and the bones of our loved ones and ponder on them. We call this ‘The Honouring of The Treasured Items’.  We also love Christmas because we make a special trip to The Esk Bakery to enjoy a chocolate milk with one of their special array of tarts.  At that time of year in Esk the cicadas sing an extra loud chorus at dusk, so we like to include them in our harmonies when we practice on our verandah.

Dawn enjoys visiting Eve’s and my place at Christmas. Apart from the usual Sunday roast with music practice (after listening to the wireless), it’s one of the only times she comes around. On Christmas Day Dawn comes over from her laundry room wearing an item that she’s put through a washing load with something bright red, so it turns a festive pink.

Eve enjoys Christmas because of the gold winged Christmas Beetles that gather in the hundreds flying around our verandah light.  She gets concerned when they land on their backs with their little legs waving in the air, so she spends all night turning them back the right way up. She’s been up all night at times turning them over. It took Eve a while to realise she should have just turned the verandah light off.

Christmas used to be confined to just the three of us, but now we are very excited to be sharing some of our rituals and stories with the lovely people who come to see our Christmas concert.

Sydney audiences are excited to spend the holidays with you and experience some Kransky Christmas cheer. What can we expect?
Well, we have a lot of very interesting songs that we’ve learnt from our wireless… We’ll share lots of stories with the audience, and we also will bring along our most treasured items from our house in Esk to share with you. We’re going to be playing our kitchen pot and toilet brush along with the saw, the Tuba and guitar in our songs, and we’ve made a medley from a mix of modern songs we heard at a nightclub. We’ll be playing and singing songs by Abba, Daft Punk, The Carpenters, Nana Mouskouri, Steppenwolf, Sia, Gotye, June Carter-Cash to mention a few, and even Santa himself.

Complete this sentence: Santa is….
A red dressed long bearded man who is hopefully coming to town.
Eve: Santa is someone I hope has a good letterbox that can receive letters from Esk.
Dawn: Santa is unpredictable.

What is your favourite Christmas morning activity?
Mourne: Playing a game of knuckles on our Uncle Bellamy’s grave
Eve: Opening the tins of Creamed Corn and Spam ready for Christmas lunch.
Dawn: Eating the first piece of Spam of the season.

Name one Kransky Christmas tradition.
A maypole dance with three red ribbons around our hills hoist.

Food is very important at Christmas. What’s your favourite Christmas recipe?
Mourne: Turkey Spam with gravy and potato chips.
Eve: Creamed corn with a parsley garnish and a glace cherry for desert.
Dawn:  Fairy bread

Here are a few of our Christmas recipes that our neighbour Royston Boyle filmed for us and put onto the You Tube

How to save your pennies with Christmas Dinners –

Christmas Sausage Treat –


Making Tea –

Porridge –


What present are you looking forward to in your stocking this year?
Mourne: A curling wand
Eve: A Dolly Magazine and scissors.
Dawn: A megaphone.


Your show is on in Dec. It’s coming quick. What piece of Christmas advice/ message would you offer the people of Sydney?
We would tell everyone not to be disappointed if Santa doesn’t come through with the goods as expected this year, he may well be on the cheap. We’ve heard there have been cutbacks due to industrial action by the elves union. So perhaps expect vinyl where you would have had leather, and plastic where you would have had vinyl.

A Very Kransky Christmas
When: 9th Dec 7.30 pm / 10th Dec 5pm
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: York Theatre
Tickets: Adults- 49.50 / Concession- 44.50



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