Pink wedding cake with red roses and gay couple on top


The “Just Say Yes” Theatre Festival is currently seeking submissions from theatre makers for a special evening of short plays at Marrickville’s The Depot Theatre on Monday October 23.

The event is looking for short plays, up to 8 minutes in length. These plays should celebrate love and equality. “We’re looking for positive stuff , the evening is about love. We’re not looking to a attack anyone”, said the festival’s co-ordinator, leading independent theatre writer, Wayne Tunks. “We’ve all had moments during this campaign where we have felt weighed down by all the negativity floating around. This is a night to forget all that and remember what we’re fighting for”.

Tunks is hoping to fill the evening with new works from people right across the community, and hopes to celebrate all sides of the LGBTQI community. “So get your teams together, a writer, a director and actors, and come up with some special theatre.”

To apply, email a one page submission containing details of your idea and the people involved. Also attach a script if you have it yet. Also include why marriage equality is so important to you. Submissions are due by Friday September 29 at 5pm, and can be sent to

“The Depot Theatre has kindly given us the space for the night, so we will be sharing a stage with a pre-existing set, so nothing too lavish or needs a tone of props or lighting.”

“As theatre makers, we have important voices, and now is the time to let people know how we feel”.

All proceeds from the evening will be donated to the Equality Campaign.